Leather Chemicals

A number of leather processing chemicals are used in the process of converting raw hide to soft and supple leather. These chemicals find use, especially during the initial stages of leather curing. At IndGlobal, we strive to make use of “safe” chemicals that offer the right results, but don’t damage the surrounding environment.

By using accurate formulations of pure chemicals, we ensure that our clients get reliable results each time. Our products are formulated to provide effective tanning solutions, so our clients don’t have to waste time and effort on using a lot of chemicals in the tanning process. We make use of innovative techniques and the latest technologies to manufacture these chemicals.

With years of experience in this field, IndGlobal Marketings understands the expectations of each client and provides the right type of chemicals based on their needs and requirements. Moreover, we follow a customer-centric approach to ensure optimum customer satisfaction. With the support of highly qualified researchers and a robust infrastructure, we offer consistent results.

Our customer base extends from India to the other Asian countries and across the oceans to the USA as well as UK. We have a strong local base and global branches, which makes us one of the leading manufacturers of leather chemicals.

Our range of chemical comprise of 


syntanSyntans are used in neutralizing all types of chrome leather rendering uniform pH for the leather throughout. Neutralizing leathers further prepares for tanning. They retain soft texture and producing astringent effect without harshening the surface allowing the dye penetration. Syntans manufacturers supply suitable chemicals for the leather tanning industry. Read More 


fatliquors1Unlike traditional methods now different types of suitable tanning chemicals are used depending upon the animal hide. Fat liquors are one among them, used mainly for crusting, for softening the leather, garment and upholstery leather in main fat liquoring bath. Fat liquor manufacturers prepare chemicals for garment leather sheep, cattle clothing leather, goat skin and cattle upholstery. One can find many fat liquor exporters exporting high grade chemicals for the tanning industry. Read More 

Bating Enzymes

 imagesAfter all processes are finished for the preparation of tanning, at the end bating enzymes are used for to give good softness to leather. The final step for leather productsprepared for tanning by using bating enzymes. Bating enzymes produce uniform grains and fullness and softness of leather suitable for marketing the leather products. Vegetable oils and phospholipids in combination are used for leather tanning. Read More

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