Traditionally, the same chemical was used to tan all types of leathers. But, modern techniques have proved that using different tanning agents based on the animal hide provide better effect and results. Fat liquor is suitable for use with sheep, cattle and goat skin. It can be used for crusting and softening leather.

Today’s fashion trends demand shiny leather goods. Fat liquors help get this type of mesmerizing finish by moisturizing and nourishing the leather. They also provide an extra sheen to the finished product. By enriching the leather from inside, fat liquors also help increase the lifespan of the finished leather goods and protect them from damage due to daily wear and tear. Fat liquor acts as a leather fiber adhesion agent and prevents breakdown of the leather molecules even in excessive heat, rain and other extreme conditions.

As one of the leading manufacturers of fat liquors, Indglobal provides this chemical at highly affordable prices.


 GLOLIQ CS-14 is a light fast synthetic fatliquor for clothing, garment and gloving

leather. It is stable to acids, alkalis and neutral salts in usual concentrations, and compatible with anionic dyes, fatliquors and synthetic and vegetable tanning agents.Download PDF – GLOLIQCS-14 



GLOLIQ BA produces excellent soft and well lubricated leather. The fullness andgrain tightening effect with a pleasing and silky touch is the special characteristic of GLOLIQ BA. Downlaod GLOLIQBA



GLOLIQ DSL is a semi-synthetic light fast fatliquor ideally suitable for softies, garment /shoe Nappas & gloving leathers. Download GLOLIQ DSL



GLOLIQ EA is an alkaline mayonnaise-type fatliquor based on neatsfoot oil. It is particularly free of any combined SO3 and imparts to leather a high tensile strength and a fine break. Download GLOLIQ EA



Fatliquor UFBW produces a fatliquoring effect very similar to fatliquoring products based on natural sperm oil.Download GLOLIQ UFBW



GLOLIQ VMC is a light fast synthetic fatliquor for clothing, garment and gloving leather.Download GLOLIQ VMC